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2-ConnorDupuy gets out at 1st2-ConnorDupuy on 1st after walk2-ConnorDupuy pitches2-ConnorDupuy plays ground ball to ss2-ConnorDupuy steals 2d2-ConnorDupuy tosses to 1st for the out 15-BrettSaltzmen in bg2-ConnorDupuy with hit2-ConnorDupuy3-BrentHollier ready to steal 2d3-pitching (2)3-pitching (3)3-pitching7-DylanDent hit7-DylanDent HR (2)7-DylanDent HR7-DylanDent prepares to slide into home on steal - he was out9-EvanDuboissac bunt10-BryceLandry (2)10-BryceLandry gets the out at 3d10-BryceLandry

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