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EliseVincent steals 2dJr Pitcher-ShelbyBeauxAdeleVincent lays down buntSr Pitcher-CydneyAkersKayleeLopez with hit3rd base AmieVincent gets out at 1stSS AdeleVincent gets out at 1st5-ShelbyBreaux winning pitcher5-ShelbyBreaux winning pitcher (2)9-AdeleVincent gets to ground ball and soft tosses to 15-HannahMenard15-HannahMenard looks to 1st for the out after getting the out at 2d w AdeleVincent12-EliseVincent w hit12-EliseVincent catches fly ball2-KayleeLopez w hit2-KayleeLopez6-DemiBoudreaux watches batter ready to run home5-ShelbyBreaux9-AdeleVincent5-ShelbyBreaux (2)S-16-BaileyHemphill

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